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Sports activities



Fast growing in l’Entre-deux-mers in Gironde, bycicle touring will enable you to visit the area at a different pace, while fully enjoying smells, landscapes and architecture. Whether you choose to ride the « Voie Verte » passing through La Réole or an advised route, you will be able to follow tailor-made loops, and have the pleasure to rest at the Mansion at the end of the day.


We will advise you on loops that will fit you. It is possible to drive you from the Mansion to your starting or arriving point.


A picnic will be provided on demand, bike rentals close to the Mansion.



 The Pilgrim’s way to St Jacques de Compostelle


Lots of pilgrims walk « la voie Vézelay » passing through La Réole.


Come and take a break in the Mansion of Gaboria, we will take good care of you and will drive you between the Mansion et the way to Compostelle.





Former vineyard with its restaurant featured in the castle, for the exquisite please of the golf players.